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We cannot stress the importance of ensuring that staff are paid at the correct rates as per Fair Work Australia. If staff are underpaid, it is not simply a matter of making a catch-up remediation payment. Underpayment of superannuation entitlements in particular will incur significant penalties and charges.

Please ensure you have each new employee complete and sign the below forms and you advise us of the correct pay rate and entitlements as per Fair Work Australia. We strongly suggest you obtain HR advice prior to employing any new employees to ensure you are covered legally.

We also highly recommend you discuss any new employment with workcover or your business insurance broker to ensure you have the correct insurance cover.


pay & conditions


To ensure that your staff are paid at the correct rate, check the Fair Work Ombudsman's pay and conditions tool.



casual employment


The Casual Employment Information Statement is a mandatory guide for casual workers detailing rights, entitlements, and workplace conditions. This is an essential compliance document.



fixed term contracts

The fixed term contract information statement is a crucial document outlining terms, conditions, and rights for employees on fixed-term employment agreements.



new employee

Download the new employee details template

super choice form

Download the ATO's Super Choice form to provide to your new employee

tfn declaration

Download the ATO's Tax File Number Declaration form to provide to your new employee

fair work

Download the fair work information statement to provide to your new employee

employment contract

Please ensure you contact a HR lawyer to obtain a correct employment contract along with correct HR legal advice

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