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andy hollis

Andy’s roots run deep on the Gold Coast. He practically grew up surrounded by the hustle of small businesses here on the Coast, absorbing their ins and outs like it was second nature. That early exposure set the stage for his career in accounting, a journey that's spanned well over a decade now.


Being a member of CPA Australia and a certified Xero advisor. He's all about merging his accounting and business advisory smarts with the power of tech to give businesses that extra boost. And boy, does he love seeing those businesses grow and scale!


But don't let his number-crunching persona fool you. Andy's a local sports fanatic, having put in some serious game time playing AFL for the local Tigers in the QAFL as well as playing rugby for the Bond University Breakers and Gold Coast Eagles. While he's hung up his boots, the love for sport still lingers. Now, it's all about mastering the greens in golf and keeping that lawn in tip-top shape.


His downtime? That's reserved for family and friends. His wife and three kids are his world. Their adventures and laughter light up his days in ways no spreadsheet ever could.


From business advisory to sinking putts, Andy's life is a colorful mix of professional hustle, sports passion, and family bonds.

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jason howard

Jason's been knee-deep in the accounting and advisory game for a solid decade-plus. He's had his hands in all sorts of client pies across different industries. Outsourced CFO, CEO gigs—yeah, he's done it all. But where he really hits his stride? Helping out entrepreneurs, especially those hustling in startups and small to medium-sized businesses. That's his jam.


When he's not crunching numbers, you'll find Jason chilling on the Gold Coast. It's been his stomping ground for over a decade now. And boy, does he know how to unwind. But the real MVPs in his life? That's his wife and two kids.


Those moments away from the grind, that's where he thrives. Whether it's kicking a ball around with the kids or just kicking back with friends and family, those are the scenes that make life grand. See, it's not all about the balance sheets and business plans for Jason. It's about balancing the work buzz with the simple joys that keep him ticking.

BBH Team Photos_Mar21-3.jpg

jake krause

Jake has been in the financial planning industry for over 8 years. Jake grew up with a passion for financial planning, constantly guiding his friends to make smart financial decisions well before working in the industry. Graduating from Griffith University with Bachelor's in commerce and in International Business, he has since gone on to complete a diploma and then advanced diploma in financial planning. Jake is also an accredited mortgage broker with MFAA and enjoys tying debt advice into his client offering. In his downtime Jake enjoys travelling and camping trips with his family and friends. 

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brooke thomson

Brooke has been in the accounting industry for over 10 years. As she has a young family of her own she is passionate about helping families financially transition into Maternity Leave and beyond. Brooke enjoys spending time at the beach with her family and friends on weekends and is a keen traveler and is always looking forward to an adventure.  

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elsa howarth

Elsa has 20+ years’ experience in accounting. She is CPA qualified and is also a member of the SMSF Association of Australia, having earned the Specialist Adviser designation. She is committed to building relationships and working with clients to help them achieve their business and personal goals. As a proud SMSF nerd, she is excited to be working with SMSF trustees and members. In her spare time Elsa enjoys spending time in nature, loves hiking and has a passion for photography.

Rochelle Staff Photo.jpg

rochelle morrissey

Rochelle is our bookkeeping guru. She has 15+ years of bookkeeping experience and has a passion for helping out clients find efficiencies through modern accounting software. Having a secret obsession with Xero, Rochelle loves making your life easier by managing your business's bookkeeping and payroll. Rochelle loves to travel and spend time with her family and friends.

Staff head shots _ July 2023_Chrisna.jpg

chrisna westerveldt

Chrisna is your trusted, seasoned bookkeeping professional specializing in Xero. Chrisna brings expertise honed over years of dedication to the accounting and bookkeeping industry. With a commitment to precision and a passion for assisting clients, Chrisna ensures meticulous financial management. Beyond the ledger, Chrisna values family time and finds leisure in the competitive realm of lawn bowling at the local Broadbeach Bowls Club.

Team Photo_Stacy.jpg

stacy bedford

Stacy has been part of the accounting world on the Gold Coast for over 30 years in Personal Assistant and Bookkeeping Administrator roles. Over the years, her success in these positions has been credited to her attention to detail and the desire to assist clients and colleagues at executive and less experienced levels. Outside of work Stacy enjoys exercise, walking, swimming and spending time with family.

Julie _ Edited.jpg

jodie finlayson

Jodie has lived on the Gold Coast for many years. She doesn’t want to tell you how long - as she is worried it would give away her age! Jodie has had a passion for the accounting industry and assisting people for a very long time. Jodie has extensive administration and people experience which makes her perfect for the Client Services role here at BOUTIQUE. Jodie’s favorite pastime is spending time with her family and friends and following the local AFL (Labrador Tigers) in the winter months which she and her family have been involved since 2005.

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